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What is CBD Cannabidiol Hemp Oil and its benefits and uses?

Among the different types of Cannabis a few had little Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC in them. This is the substance in Marijuana that’s psychedelic. It was also very high in cannabidiol, or CBD, which has medical characteristics however no psychoactivity. CBD is now presently going through human scientific trials to see what happens in mice and human tissue, in a “dish” and if they will respond the very same in the human host. CBD has actually revealed to eliminate cancer cells as well as stop the dispersing or the metastasizing of cancer to other places in the host, this case mice. Other possible treatments for cancer have actually got this far previously and didn’t work out in scientific trials. Nevertheless, it’s believed by some, in the clinical neighborhood, that this is the long waited for “GOOD NEWS” on the horizon.

Dr Sanjay with CNN talks about the CBD discovery of cannabis vs cancer.

In the video below Doctor Coldwell says hemp cures cancer.

Doctors speak out on the benefits of CBD also known as Cannabidiol.

At about 3:40 into this video the doctor Blair starts talking about how pain and
inflammation is treated and effected by the use of CBD’s.

There are plenty more videos and doctors to back up the information that is delivered in the videos above. The evidence keeps growing more and more positive as the people receiving this new treatment are convinced that the CBD treatments they received took care of their issues.

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