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10X Pure Is our newest CBD product.
10X Pure CTFO ProductCTFO Products Are Now 50 Strong – Get The Best CBD Oil From The Hemp Plant

CTFO CBD Gummies Is The Newest CBD Product On The Market

CBD Gunnies with pure CBD oil can be used in place of the dropper bottles. It’s like a 600 mg bottle! There are 30 gummies to a bottle. Each Gummy Bear has 20mg of CBD oil in them. Indtructions say to take 2 a day. One gummy in the morning and one in the evening will be good for the average person with discomforts. That’s 40 mg a day.

CTFO CBD Beauty Care Product LineCTFO Beauty Care Product Line With CBD
Dead Sea Mud Mask – 2.5% Retinol Complex Serum – Massage Oil With Anointing Oil Plus CBD –
Your Majesty Queen Of All Creams  Moisturizing Cream

CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil 1

CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil 1

CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil 1 2CTFO Pure CBD Hemp Oil 3

CTFO Emu And CBD Oil For Pain Relief